Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Playing "Mom"

This last week Gabe and I have been babysitting my little brothers. I would like to say that I'm definitely not ready for kids... But I think that would just jinx myself. ;) It's been a very eventful week to say the least! We spent Saturday in the wind out at the desert riding dirtbikes and four wheelers. My brothers are pretty talented! I wish I could have captured the awesome moments but this is about as good as the photography got:

Still pretty cool I think! We had a good ole' time and my brothers showed Gabe the ropes so he got some good practice in!
I like to think I'm a creative person, and I wanted to make this week fun for my brothers. I'm sure I saw this on Pinterest once... But I decided to make an "I'm Bored" Bucket! 

Here I thought I was being so creative and fun... Turns out, I'm really not that fun to 12 and 10 year old little boys! Haha the bucket idea was a flop but I was still pretty proud of it so I thought I would at least share it on here. Here are some cheap/fun ideas of what you can put in YOUR bored bucket for kids!
-Game of kickball
-Side walk chalk
-Hide and seek
-Bake cookies for someone
-Do a kind deed for a family member
-Write a letter to a missionary 
-Play a board or card game
-Read stories from your family history
-Learn to bake or cook something new
-Pick or but flowers for someone
-Visit Grandma and Grandpa just to "chat"
-Look through old scrapbooks or pictures
-Go to the park
-Walk the Greenbelt
-Ride a bike
-Go on a picnic 
-Wash someone's car (hoping my brother's would pick up the hint ;)
-Throw a football or softball 
-Scavenger hunt 
-Read a new book
-Write a "thank you" or "thinking of you" note to someone
-Go to the library 
-Nerf gun war!
-Build a fort out of pillows and blankets (personal favorite!)

Anyways, the list could go on, but that's the gist of it. I would love to hear of any other random activities you enjoy with your kids! This won't be the last time I babysit in my lifetime, so I would love some ideas! =)

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  1. I'll be the first to say that it's about time that you updated your blog! :) You've been a busy little woman! Garrett and I sure had fun coloring easter eggs with your family! thanks for letting us crash the party! :) We just love spending time with the Searles, Nii's and Drapers! :)